CMPSCI 754: Multimedia Systems

Instructor: Prashant Shenoy
Class meeting times: TuTh 1:00-2:15
Room: CMPSCI 140
Schedule #: 283566

Office Hours: Thursday 2:15 - 3:30, CS room 336, or by appointment.

Table of Contents

Course Description

CMPSCI 754 is an advanced course covering both theoretical and practical issues in designing multimedia systems. Topics to be covered include introduction to multimedia systems, digital video compression techniques, operating system support for digital audio and video, as well as network and transport protocols for multimedia. An emphasis will be placed on current design issues and research topics.


Familiarity with concepts in graduate computer networks and operating system design.


There is no textbook for this course. A collection of recent research articles will be made available by the instructor.

Course Requirements

The instructor will introduce basic concepts on each of the topics. Students will be expected to understand, describe, and critique the research papers during class discussions. Additionally, students will be expected to carry out a semester-long project. Each student will also need to act as a scribe for one or two lectures.

Grades will be determined by a project (40%), two exams (40%), two homeworks (10%) and class participation (10%).

A special laboratory equipped with five Intel P2s (running Linux) has been set up for this course. Course projects involving OS kernel modifications will be given priority access to these machines. Edlab machines are also available for course projects.

Reading List: Spring 2001

Video Compression

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Multimedia File Systems

Multimedia Operating Systems

Multimedia Networks

Multimedia Databases

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