Broadcast e-mail list

I have created a course broadcast email address, cs677 [at], for use by course participants. I plan to send all course related announcements (e.g., clarifications of homework or programming assignments, questions/answers of general interest, job opportunities, etc) to the list members.

SPIRE will automatically add you to this list. All emails will be sent to your official university email address.

Please note that whenever you send email to cs677 [at], your email message will be broadcast to the entire class, so use the address carefully. A question/comment or some information you want to share with the class would be an appropriate email to send to cs677 [at] A request for a due date extension would not be appropriate (Nobody wants to hear your request nor do you want them to hear it!). Personal (i.e., one-to-one) e-mail to the instructor can be sent to shenoy [at], as always.

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