CMPSCI 677: Distributed Operating Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

Question : I am a graduate student in a different department. SPIRE reports that class is full or restricted. How can I register for this class?

It is our policy that the 677 class is restricted to Computer Science graduate students on SPIRE and all non-CS students are allowed to register through over-rides with the permission of the instructor. Due to an oversight, SPIRE has been allowing non-CS students to directly register without an override. Since this has caused the course to fill up and resulted in enrollment pressure for this class, we are going to have to move all non-CS students to a wait-list -- to allow CS students to register first - as has always been the case.

Like in the past, wait-listed students as well as other students interested in taking the class will be allowed to register via overrides on the fist day of class. We hope to accommodate many of you, but I can not guarantee that every one can be accommodated given the classroom constraints. We have also added a second online section of 677 to accommodate some of the overflow.

Can you do an over-ride for me before the start of the spring semester?

All overrides will be done after the first lecture once we can determine the number of open seats available to non Computer Science students.

What is difference between the online and classroom section of 677 listed in Spire? The online section has been added to accomodate students who can not be accomodated in the class-room version. LEctures for the online section will be delivered via online video. Students in the online section will do the same work (assignments, exams) as the classroom students. They will have access to the TA and instructor during office hours. The only difference is that rather than classroom lectures, they will be watching lectures via on-demand video.

How do I register for the online section of 677? The online section is listed on SPIRE and the same policy applies to the online and classroom sections. Non CS students will need an over-ride to register in the online section as well.